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ZheyeZheye(者也老兄)is my ID at MITBBS.COM since year 1999. The picture on the left is my avatar there. After having spent so much time at the BBS, I got known by this ID and this avatar by more people than people who know me in real life. So, when I was about to start a blog, I decided to keep using this ID and avatar.

Several years ago, I wrote a post about my deck building by myself. It was intended to show my father, who is in China, the process of my deck building in the US. It was not expected that the post attracted many readers. Later, I also finished basement, remodeled kitchen, bathrooms etc., all did by myself. I would like to write down those processes as well, so I built this blog website.

Having this blog, I may not only share my DIY processes, but also share anything which is worthy sharing. So, there will be more categories in this blog.

June 2015

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