Don’t Leave Money on the Table, Get Cashback!

When shopping online, many people know to take advantage of promotions and coupons, but most do not know, or forget to get cashback through shopping portals. This is money left on the table!

Cashback is a cash reward offered by shopping portals for users shopping with them. When you click an online store’s link at a portal to get into the store’s website and make a purchase, the store pays a commission to the portal. The portal, in turn, shares a portion of their commission with you as cashback, in terms of a certain percentage of your total purchase, in hopes that you will shop with them again. It’s quite straightforward, right?

Cashback portals have been around for nearly two decades. The cashback rates have now become so high you should not ignore them anymore.  For example, during Thanksgiving of 2016, a cashback portal offered 15% cashback on purchases from Macy’s,  and 20% from Neiman Marcus.  Who would leave that kind of money on the table after knowing about it?

Now, besides cashback portals such as Ebates, TopCashback, there are many portals offering airline miles and credit card points too, such as United MileagePlus Shopping Mall,  and Chase Ultimate Rewards Shopping Mall. Their offers are sometimes very attractive too. For example, in the Fall of 2016, the United MileagePlus Shopping Mall offered 21 miles per dollar spent at Nike.  If you are a United MileagePlus member, and have a Nike purchase to make, wouldn’t this reward sweeten your purchase a lot?

There are so many portals offering cashback, miles and points now. And their offers may be very different from each other. Even the same portal may have different promotions from time to time. At the time of purchase, you definitely want to get the best reward for your purchase. However, checking rates from different portals is tedious and time consuming. Luckily, there is a website called Cashback Monitor which aggregates rates from major portals, making it much easier to find the best reward!

It is quite easy to use Cashback Monitor.  Just search for the store you want to shop from and Cashback Monitor will display a page like following.

With all reward information on one single page, it is much easier for you to pick the best portal to shop with.

Cashback Monitor also has a cool feature: best rate history for the past 15 month. As shown above, ShopAtHome offered a 20% cashback reward for Neiman Marcus during Thanksgiving of 2016. This is very helpful for you to maximize your rewards if your purchase can wait.

There are so many reward shopping portals out there, and Cashback Monitor can help you get the biggest reward from them. So, when you shop online next time, Don’t Leave Money on the Table Again!