Building a Deck by Myself (7)

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7. The New Deck

The new deck was finished.
newdeck1   newdeck2


When I just started to build the step, the Boss asked why I was going to so much effort, but she really liked it after it was finished. Well, it took me a lot of time to build that step.newdeck3

Later, I realized a true benefit of the step after it was done. Because of the step, all the deck boards are single-piece, there are no end-to-end joint in the entire deck. I had not thought of that while designing the deck. It was a lucky accident. newdeck4  newdeck5 The section of railing next to house was included to protect the rain downspout.

View from a different angle.
newdeck10 newdeck11


Following is a comparison between old and new decks.olddeck2newdeck6olddeck1 newdeck8olddeck3newdeck7


Before the final County inspection, it was necessary to install a light above the stairs and a handrail on one inner side of the stairway. Both are safety requirements. The deck passed the final inspection.lightrailinghandrail

In Spring of 2009, I built a small section of retaining wall for safety and appearance.newdeck12   newdeck13   newdeck14

Now, the deck project was completely finished!

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